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CCTV security systems
CCTV security systems
Wireless Alarm-systems
Cables laying
Video Intercoms
Wireless Alarm-systems

Security alarm-systems, fire-alarms and security systems for homes, apartments, offices and other facilities.

We have got 18years of experience in the security industry.

Our office is located near Prague: Říčany, Černokostelecká 1623, email:

I learned English at school, David Molnár tel. 420 777 88 18 18

Many „difficult“ customers solved their needs by the help of ours.

  • If the alarm-system at your facility should have been installed „yesterday“, let us know – we can do it!
  • If there is no specification on hand, let us know – we can make the project.
  • If you need to protect a complex object, to set the security alarms, to establish CCTV video systems, organize and access control system, etc. – again, let us know, we can do it!